What are the skin benefits of clay?

Clay is a detoxifying, rejuvenating and strengthening agent. It extracts toxins and impurities from the skin while delivering much needed minerals to maintain a smooth and fresh-looking skin.

There are different types of clay and each varies in composition depending on the origin they're from. Clays come in a wide variety of hues. They're naturally colored and don't contain any dyes or pigments.

Which clay is right for you?

Depending on your skin type, one clay may be better suited for your skin type than another. Kaolin clays have mild absorption properties making them a better choice for dry to normal skin, while Bentonite clay has stronger absorption properties making them good for very oily skin.

Dry-Normal Skin:

  • French Pink Clay
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Brazilian Purple Clay
  • Moroccan Red Clay
  • French Yellow Clay

    Normal-Oily Skin:

    • Sea Clay
    • French Green clay
    • Bentonite Clay
    • Brazilian Purple Clay
    • Moroccan Red Clay
    • Australian Red Reef Clay
    • Brazilian Black Clay
    Bentonite clay is created from volcanic ash. It is widely used in shaving soaps as it gives products a nice "slip" which helps the razor gently glide over skin. It has strong oil absorbing properties which makeing it more suitable for very oily skin.

    Brazilian purple clay
     contains magnesium, which promotes healthy cell maintenance and helps prevent your skin from absorbing impurities. It has an average amount of absorption making it suitable for a wide variety of skin types.

    Dry-Normal Skin

    Lavender Facial Bar: Brazilian Purple Clay & Kaolin Clay

    Kaolin clay nourishes, moisturizes, and balances combination skin. It is a gentle clay which makes it more suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

    French pink clay is used for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and improving elasticity. It has gentle oil absorbing properties making it suitable for dry skin.

    Sensitive/Dry Skin

    Pink Clay & Goat Milk Bar: French Pink Clay & Kaolin Clay

    Moroccan red clay is a gentle clay which makes it perfect for the delicate skin on the face. It has astringent properties and is great for ridding the complexion of blackheads.

    Delicate/Oily Skin

    Tea Tree Facial Bar: Moroccan Red Clay & French Green Clay

    French green clay is great for exfoliation and pore tightening. It has excellent absorbing agents as it absorbs extra oils from the skin. It also pulls blood towards the surface of your skin, giving a tingling sensation as it boosts circulation. It has terrific oil absorbing properties making it more suitable for oily skin.

    Sensitive/Oily Skin

    Eucalyptus & Green Clay Goat Milk Bar: French Green Clay & Kaolin Clay

    French yellow clay is a mild clay that is great for dry and sensitive skin.

    Sea clay acts as a mild exfoliant and is commonly used in facial masks to cleanse and detoxify the skin. It is more suitable for normal and oily skin.

    Sensitive/Normal Skin

    Eucalyptus Lemongrass Facial Bar: French Yellow Clay & Sea Clay

    Brazilian black clay is slightly denser than other colors of Brazilian clay, making it more ideal for people with oily or problematic skin. However, it also has anti-aging properties that help smooth out shallow wrinkles and fine lines. .

    Australian red reef clay is wonderful for all skin types instantly reviving and hydrating your skin giving it that breath-taking glow. However, it is most suitable for normal and oily skin.

    Normal-Oily Skin

    Patchouli Sunrise Goat Milk Bar

    There are so many wonderful varieties of clay, each with their own skin benefits. We hope this info helped you decide which clays would be better for your skin type!

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