Hello and welcome! My name is Andrea and I cannot wait to share some fun facts about myself with you.

Since you put your faith in me for your skin care needs, I want you to feel as though you know me! I've put together a listing of facts, from both commonly known to little known, about me.

  • I love funky colored lipsticks
  • My lipstick collection is over 100 with red being my favorite
  • I am a dog
    mom to three wonderful pups
  • I am also a cat mom to four lovely fur balls
  • I am a certified soapmaker
  • I've been making bath products and cold process soap since 2014
  • I love DIY projects
  • I am obsessed with tacos
  • I love being outdoors and keeping fit/active
  • I am a shy person even thought it may not seem like it
  • I am a closet Trekkie and even attended the world's largest convention twice
  • I have an obsession with spreadsheets
  • I love to play dress up and even own over ten different wigs
  • I have a septum ring that I usually keep hidden
  • I love photography and do all of my own photos at Rebel Ridge Photography