What is Rebel Ridge Soaps?

Rebel Ridge Soaps is a home-based business based out of Hardisty, Alberta, Canada that makes several different bath products but specializes in handmade artisan luxury soaps. It is operated solely by Andrea, the owner & soapcrafter.

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How did Rebel Ridge Soaps get started?

In the summer of 2014, Andrea moved to a part of rural Alberta that had no internet services. When winter hit that year and temperatures dropped well below freezing, she began looking for something she could do indoors to occupy her spare time. Her first attempt at bath products was making Christmas gifts for her family. She started with small baskets filled with several melt & pour soaps, bath bombs, and bath salts but once she discovered cold process soaps she was hooked!

In late 2017, Andrea moved to the small town of Hardisty and that is when her business really took off. She began actively selling to the community at local farmers markets and launched her very first web page which she created herself. She needed more space of her creations and soon dedicated an entire storage room for nothing but soap ingredients & honing her craft. By 2018 Rebel Ridge Soaps had doubled their sales goal for the year and Andrea could not believe how much her small business had changed over the course of four years.

At the beginning of 2019, Andrea decided it was time to get her soap making certification and began studying for the exam. When her results & certificate arrived in the mail she was ecstatic! That same year she joined Flagstaff Crafted for their launch and was featured in the local newspaper alongside a couple other makers. In May of that same year she attended her first Handmade Soap & Cosmetic Guild conference in Dallas, Texas. She met others who shared her passion and it helped her love for the craft grown even stronger.

All these experiences has led Rebel Ridge Soaps to be what it is today and thanks to everyone's support we are only just getting started!

Where does Rebel Ridge Soaps get their ingredients?

Most ingredients are purchased from local farmers or businesses. We try our best to help support the local economy by buying what we can from nearby. The herbs/spices, clays, and some essential oils are purchased from a health food store. The beeswax and honey are acquired from a local apiary. The lard, we receive from a local butcher, is rendered in house. The oils, butters, and other colorants are purchased from a Canadian soap making supplier.

Why soap?

Soapcrafting provides the opportunity for the creator to blend together art and science. Recipes need to be carefully followed to get a successful batch but there are so many different techniques that each bar created will be unique.